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Product: Windows 8
Company: Microsoft
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Review By: Andre Da Costa

with Byron Hinson, Robert Stein  contributing

Internet Explorer 10

Table Of Contents (45 Pages)
1: Introduction
2: Pricing, Editions & System
Installation, Setup & Upgrading
4: Initial Impressions
5: Daily Usage & Application Compatibility
6: Desktop
7: File Explorer
8: Start Screen Apps
9: Internet Explorer 10

10: Networking & Connectivity
11: Windows Store
12: Gaming
13: Advanced Features - Part 1
14: Advanced Features - Part 2
15: USB 3.0 Support & Security
16: Performance & Reliability
17: Support Services & Activation 3.0
18: Other Features
19: Conclusion & Online Resources

Internet Explorer 10 see’s some small improvements, mostly under the hood, the interface remains largely unchanged from Internet Explorer 9. You can now have Internet Explorer set to update automatically to newer versions. This can be done through the About Dialog. You can set hyperlinks to open automatically in the desktop or Modern interface version of IE. I like this option since I find Modern interface version of IE very limiting and was beginning to get annoyed with the opening of links directly in it. The performance is good and it has kept me from using alternatives for the most part, which probably is a good sign since for the past few years I have been using Mozilla Firefox most of the time. What major addition to Internet Explorer 10 is built in support for Adobe Flash Player. Microsoft has partnered with Adobe to have the technology built into Windows 8 to support specific websites that depend on Flash such as CNN and YouTube. This will be convenient for users who will be using the Modern version of Internet Explorer on the Start Screen. Internet Explorer 10 also introduces a new feature called Flip Ahead. This works in both Metro and desktop versions of Internet Explorer 10. Flip Ahead allows users to move through articles that span multiple pages as well as search results and other web pages with a “next page” or similar button. This feature is turned off by default as your browsing history is sent to Microsoft in order to provide the feature. Internet Explorer also supports a new privacy feature called ‘Do No Track’. Advocated by consumer privacy groups, it allows you to prevent websites from keeping personal information about a user.

  • Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8 includes a Touch friendly Metro version of the web browser.

  • Automatic Spell checker

  • Improved support for CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) standards, SVG (and Scalable Vector Graphics) and hardware acceleration, Microsoft is adding some enhancements in version 10 that will make it a HTML5 first class citizen.

  • New features include support for JavaScript typed arrays, which lets Web apps handle raw data such as files better, and HTML5 video features such as the ability to link to a specific time in a video and to add captions.

  • Automatic Update Mechanism.


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