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Product: Visual Studio 2005 Codename "Whidbey" Enterprise Developer Edition Alpha
Company: Microsoft
Estimated Street Price: N/A
Review By: Fernando Hualpa (Diwik)

Windows Forms 2.0

Table Of Contents
1. Introduction

2. The Development Environment
3. ASP.NET 2.0
4. Windows Forms 2.0
5. New Projects Part I

6. New Projects Part II
7. Conclusion

Windows Forms is the smart client application development platform. Newly added controls such as the DataGridView, the MaskedTextBox edit control, the Sound Player control, the Web Browser control and the Active Document Host control which mirror some functionality lost in the migration path from Visual Basic 6.0 controls to .NET. There are also efforts regarding the look and feel of Office 2003 and Windows XP, now controls render with visual styles by default. There is also a new family of controls called ToolStrips which provide renderers customization, in case you do not like the default renderer's style.


Windows Forms ApplicationWindows ComponentsWindows Data Controls

Windows Forms Controls Part 1Windows Forms Controls Part 2

Windows Forms Controls Part 3


I found quite enjoyable the new resource editor and the application properties window, both feature a Windows Media Player look and feel and it is simple and comfortable to work with them.


Open existing ProjectAdd New Item

Resource EditorApplication Permissions


The starlight technology of Windows Forms is ClickOnce. ClickOnce brings the simplicity of Web deployment to client applications and also provides a significant amount of power and customization to the developer and the administrator by reducing the cost and effort of deploying and maintaining client applications.

ClickOnce PublishingClickOnce PrerequisitesClickOnce Application Updates


Finally I will showcase the Class Diagram, I was unable to create a Class Diagram from any other project except from a Windows Forms one, I expect to be a limitation of this build. The Class Designer is intuitive and simple to use and provides a quick way of building the skeleton of the application's class hierarchy, however it does not feature even the 50% of the functionality offered by the Rational XDE for Visual Studio .NET.


New Project for creating classesNew Class DiagramClass Diagram Designer



  ASP.NET 2.0 New Projects Part I


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