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Product: Visual Studio 2005 Codename "Whidbey" Enterprise Developer Edition Alpha
Company: Microsoft
Estimated Street Price: N/A
Review By: Fernando Hualpa (Diwik)

SQL Server Projects

Table Of Contents
1. Introduction

2. The Development Environment
3. ASP.NET 2.0
4. Windows Forms 2.0
5. New Projects Part I

6. New Projects Part II
7. Conclusion

Projects built using this template target SQL Server 2005. You can choose from a stored procedure, a user-defined function, and user-defined type, a trigger or an aggregate and code them in Visual C# or Visual Basic .NET. Then it can be deployed to a live SQL Server 2005 instance. In this build the deployment was not possible because the build number of the .NET framework that uses Visual Studio 2005 does not match the one that I have in the SQL Server 2005 beta 1, in fewer words both products are not synchronized yet.


SQL Server 2005 ProjectStored ProcedureStored Procedure managed code


Visual Studio Tools for Office


If you create business applications that collect, analyze, manipulate, or present information, you can take advantage of the robust functionality of Microsoft Office 2003. By incorporating rich client-side applications into your business solution, you can use the power available on each desktop and enable end users to work in a familiar environment. Visual Studio Tools for the Microsoft Office System can help you take advantage of the productivity enhancements in the .NET framework to extend Word 2003 and Excel 2003 using Visual Basic .NET and Visual C#. The tools include new projects for creating code behind Word documents, Word templates, and Excel workbooks. This new projects are now embedded in Visual Studio 2005 and there is no need to install the tools like in Visual Studio .NET 2003.

 Word Application projectWord Application wizardWord Application design viewWord Application  code view


Smart Device Projects


These kinds of applications are updated to target the Pocket PC 2003 SE, with its new screen modes as well as Windows CE with the .NET compact framework 2.0. Note that applications that target the Smartphone 2003 will use the .NET compact framework 1.0. You can also appreciate that the IDE provides the skin of the device you target to while you are in design time. There are also new device controls available.


Smart Device ApplicationPocket PC 2003Device Controls Part 1Device Controls Part 2

Pocket PC DeploymentSmartphone 2003Smartphone IDESmartphone Deployment


  Windows Forms 2.0 New Projects Part II


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