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Product: Pinnacle Studio DV
Company: Pinnacle Systems
Estimated Street Price: $199.00
Review By: Julien Jay


Table Of Contents
1: Introduction
2: Setup & Requirements
3: Features
4: Advanced Features
5: Conclusion

Some say “You’ve got a friend in the business”… But for pinnacle, we should say: “You’ve got a video’s friend”. Pinnacle is a German manufacturer well known for its great professional capture video cards such as the miroVideo DC30 series. This review will study the Pinnacle Studio DV package. Apple first introduced the Firewire standard. Camcorders manufacturers included it on their digital Mini-DV camcorders to share videos with a REAL and FULL digital quality. The Studio DV PCI board’s intended use is with Mini-DV digital camcorders. It’s an IEEE 1394 board, based on a Texas Instruments’ chip; it will bring to your computer 3 iLink/MiniDV/Firewire/IEEE 1394 connectors (two external and one internal). It even allows you to plug IEEE 1394 hard disks. With a bandwidth of 400Mb per seconds the Studio DV board is definitely an interesting cheap solution to capture digital videos. It comes with the awarded ‘Studio’ software that allows users to mount, edit, their favorites videos by adding great effects (titles, transitions, sounds, music, and much more) in a few click.

  • Produce Hollywood-style movies from your DV or Digital8 video tapes
  • Installs with true plug-and-play ease
  • Capture an entire DV tape in only 150 MB of disk space*
  • Choose from over 300 professional-style titles and hundreds of scene transitions for a polished look
  • Compose custom sountracks and voice-over narration to be in sync with the action
  • Make video tapes, or digital and streaming video for email or the Web
  • Studio DV adds 3 ultra-fast FireWire®/1394 ports to your PC


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