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Product: Pinnacle Studio DV
Company: Pinnacle Systems
Estimated Street Price: $199.00
Review By: Julien Jay

Advanced Features

Table Of Contents
1: Introduction
2: Setup & Requirements
3: Features
4: Advanced Features 
5: Conclusion

Studio DV software will allow you to record your mounted films on your DV camcorder or your DV VCR, to create AVI or MPEG video files, to share your video on the Net with RealVideo (included), to create Video CD, or even to send videos by email! 

The Studio DV board has only got 3 DV input/output plugs, two external and one internal. We regret that the board doesnít include one analogical output S-Video plug to directly export videos to VCR. Itís to our mind a big restriction of this hardware for owners of DV-out only camcorders. The only workaround is to have a graphic card with a video output.


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