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Product: Pinnacle Studio DV
Company: Pinnacle System
Estimated Street Price: $199.00
Review By: Julien Jay

Final Results and Overall Mark

Table Of Contents
1: Introduction
2: Setup & Requirements
3: Features
4: Advanced Features
4: Conclusion

Well we have reached the end of the review. Here are my final comments, notes and grades for the Pinnacle Studio DV. 


Final Comments

How It Grades
  Setup: 85%
Manual: 90%
Features: 95%
Compliance: 60%
Cost: 78%
Ease of Use: 88%
Video Quality: 93%
Overall: 84%

The Studio DV board is a great buying. For a cheaper price you’ll have the ultimate easy to use device to capture and create your own digital films. Once you’ve solved the configurations problems that can appear on some computers or with some camcorders (as we’ve experienced) the Studio DV will become your best friend to capture, create, share, high quality digital videos in a connected world.

Specs & Package
Overall Score 84%
Version Reviewed Pinnacle Studio DV
Release Date Out Now
In The Box? PCTV DV
Software CD
The Good Points High Quality Video
The Bad Points
Compliance and software/drivers setup
Reviewers PC Setup Pentium II 450
Windows 98 Second Edition
256 MB SD Ram
Sound Blaster Live!
DVD 10
PC Required Pentium 233 or higher microprocessor
1 Free PCI BustMaster Slot
Win 98/(SE Rec.)
DV or Digital8 camcorder or VCR with DV (FireWire/iLink/IEEE 1394) port required
64 MB of RAM 
30 MB of hard disk space
CD-ROM drive
SVGA monitor
Soundcard Optional
50 MB for every 20 minutes of video captured at preview quality (4 GB for every 20 minutes of finished movie) Hard Disk drive must be capable of sustained throughput of at least 4 MB/sec. (All SCSI and most UDMA drives will work)


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