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Product: Sony SuperStation External Tape Drive
Company: Sony
Estimated Street Price: $179.00
Review By: Matthew Sabean

Back-Up / Restore

Table Of Contents
1: Introduction
2: Installation
3: Back-Up / Restore
4: Conclusion

The Sony SuperStation External Tape Drive can read / write the SONY SuperStation 10GB and 6.6GB tape cartridges as well as read the QIC-Extra, TRAVAN, QIC-WIDE, and the XL Imation tapes as long as they have been backed up using Seagate Backup Exec.


  • Back up can be started from the 1 click back up button as well as the back up exec. program.
  • Before you can back up your files you will need to name the tape.
  • Choose entire drive or select the files you want to back up individually.

  • If you have already backed up your system then check the new and changed files.  This option will only back up files added or changed since your last back up.
  • Options include starting at a set time, verify data written, overwriting (re-writes existing data), and appending (adds only changed items).
  • You are now ready to back up your files.
  • You may continue to use your system while this is taking place. I would recommend doing this over night.


  • The progress dialog box shows you the status of your back up as well as the elapsed time.


  • Restore can be started from the 1 click restore button as well as the back up exec. program.
  • Choose from where to view the files and folders to be restored from.
  • Options include full restore, selected files or folders, and where you would like them restore to ( original location or other folder or drive).
  • Be careful in restoring as this will restore everything only since your last back up.
  • The restore dialog boxes are identical to the back up ones giving you the option of choosing which files to restore as well as the status and elapsed time of the restore.

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