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Product: Sony SuperStation External Tape Drive
Company: Sony
Estimated Street Price: $179.00
Review By: Matthew Sabean

The Features

Table Of Contents
1: Introduction
2: Installation
3: Back-Up / Restore
4: Conclusion

The Sony SuperStation External Tape Drive easily connects to the parallel port of any desktop or laptop equipped with a 25-pin connector. With it's 10GB capacity and it's low cost, this unit is a must for anyone concerned with safe back-ups.

Sony SuperStation Features:

  • Connection - Connects directly to your parallel port and includes a printer pass-through feature that allows you to use both your Sony SuperStation backup system and your printer.
  • Capacity - Either 6.6GB or 10GB depending on which optional cartridge you choose.
  • Tape Compatibility - Write and read compatible with Sony Super Station 6.6GB and 10GB tape.
  • Read compatible with QW3020XLF and TR-3
  • Backup Time- The time to backup 1 gigabyte can take as little as 40 minutes, depending on the compression ratio and the type of system running the backup.
  • The SuperStation External Drive can back up as fast as 25 MB/minute based on a compression ratio of 2:1.
  • Full-Function Software- Seagate Backup Exec software guides and prompts you through backup options and routines.
  • Windows® 95/98 and Windows® NT Workstation (version 4.0 only) support.
  • The Sony SuperStation comes with a 2-year parts and labor warrantee ( unit only ) with Toll-free technical assistance.


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