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Product: Sony SuperStation External Tape Drive
Company: Sony
Estimated Street Price: $179.00
Review By: Matthew Sabean


Table Of Contents
1: Introduction
2: Installation
3: Back-Up / Restore
4: Conclusion

The Sony SuperStation External Tape Drive is extremely easy to install. The first thing you must do is make sure you install the software first before using the unit. After the software has been installed then just connect the unit to your computer and printer. Note: Although your printer is hooked up to this unit you will not be able to print during a backup / restore session.

Before you begin:

  • Load the Segate Software provided.
  • Choose Segate Backup Exec for Windows 95 (Windows 98).
  • Follow the on screen instructions.


  • Once the software is installed shut down you system and connect the Tape Drive to your system.
  • Disconnect the printer cable from your computer and connect to the tape drive.
  • Connect the tape drive and the computer using the supplied interface cable.
  • Turn the power on in the following order.
    1: The tape drive
    2: The printer
    3: The computer
    Note: If you turn on the computer before turning on the tape drive, you cannot control the tape drive from the computer.

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