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Product: IBM PC Camera Pro
Company: IBM
Estimated Street Price: $99.00
Review By: Matthew Sabean


Table Of Contents
1: Introduction
2: Installation
3: Applications
4: Video Settings
5: Conclusion

The IBM PC Camera Pro has two main screens.  The viewing screen and the album screen.


PC Camera Window:

  • To transpose an image click the Mirror Image button.
  • To capture video clips point the camera at the video action and click the Capture button.  The video begins recording and then click stop to finish recording.
  • To view a video clip, IBM Mail, or an image click the Preview button.
  • To preview, save, or send an image click the appropriate button.
  • To open the Vidoe Album click the Album button. 

IBM Album:

  • This screen shows snapshots and captured video.

  • Click Open to show selected item.
  • Click Mail to send selected item through your e-mail client.
  • Click Print to print snapshot.
  • Click Save to save selected item to hard drive or disk.
  • Click Delete to delete selection.
  • Click Large to show full screen of selected item.
  • Click detail to show details of selected item.
  • Click Video Cam to show the PC Camera Window.
  • Click Rotate Left or Rotate right to flip the selected photo..
  • Click Mirror to mirror the current image.



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