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Product: IBM PC Camera Pro
Company: IBM
Estimated Street Price: $99.00
Review By: Matthew Sabean


Table Of Contents
1: Introduction
2: Installation
3: Applications
4: Video Settings
5: Conclusion

The IBM PC Camera Pro is extremely easy to install. The first thing you must do is make sure you install the software first before plugging in the camera. After the software has been installed then just plug the camera into a USB port on your PC.

Before you begin:

  • Mount the camera with one of the mounting brackets provided.
  • Before you can send IBM Mail or videoconference with Microsoft NetMeeting, your computer must have all the necessary hardware and software to access the mail server, the Internet, or your company's intranet.
  • Take the time to register your product. Registration is very important because each participant in a videoconferencing must have an individual copy of the software. Registration also entitles you to information about product upgrades and other services. In my particular case by registering the camera it entitled me to over $200.00 worth of additional software.


  • If you've already plugged the camera into the computer, please unplug it before installing the software.
  • Install the IBM PC Camera software program first.
  • Following the setup you will be prompted to register.  Click Register Now or Register Later to register later.
  • You are now ready to plug into the USB port and start using the camera.
  • You may return to the setup screen any time to install any additional software that is provided with the program.
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