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Capturing Screenshots

Perhaps still one of the most interesting keys on your keyboard is the Print Screen key. It can actually take a snapshot of your what's on your monitor and send it into your clipboard. OK, to test this, just press the Print Screen button on your keyboard (next to the Scroll Lock key). You should see your mouse cursor blink once. This is the clue that your snapshot has been taken. Open up Paint and see if the Paste option is available. Then you can paste your image and save it as a file.

The other way to do this is to use the Alt+PrintScreen combination. The difference between these 2 is that Alt+Prinscreen will only capture the current active item on your desktop. For example, instead of taking the whole picture of your desktop, it will only snap your current active application such as your word processor, notepad or Explorer window. The taskbar and other objects won't in the snapshot.

When you are taking a snapshot, the mouse cursor won't be shown in the picture. Also, if you are taking a picture of menus, use the Print Screen only option because pressing the Alt will close the menu.

If you want to take an video or live animation on the desktop, try Microsoft Camcorder which is included in your Office 97 CD. It can record it into an .AVI format file.

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