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More Multimedia Settings

For more multimedia settings click on the Multimedia applet at the Control Panel. However, the Windows 98 multimedia settings has more settings to improve your multimedia.

Increase Speaker Performance

From the Audio tab, click on the Advanced Properties. Now, you can select the speaker formation you used and Windows will configure it for optimum performance. Move on to the advance tab. Make sure the Hardware Accelaration option is set to highest. Now, you will notice that the Sample rate conversion quality is set to lowest for performance use. If you have a fairly good system, push the slider to the end to sacrifice a bit of performance for quality.

Increase Recording Performance

Now click Advanced Properties for the Recording section. Like the above tip, make sure the Hardware Acceleration option is set to highest. Again, push the slider to the end to for the Sample rate conversion quality for better quality.

Select MIDI Instruments

Windows 98 now comes with the ability to select the instruments for MIDI playback which wasn't available through previous versions of Windows. This is useless for 16 sound soundcards like SoundBlaster Pro, Vibra 16 but useful for AWE or wavetable supported soundcards like AWE 32 or AWE 64.

Click on the MIDI tab. Click on Custom Configuration, and Configure. All settings are there for you to choose.

Configure Multimedia Devices

You can configure your multimedia devices straight away by clicking on the Devices tab. You can edit or remvoe devices.

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Multimedia Tips 7

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