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Fiddling With Tracks On Music CDs

Windows allows you to do some strange but somewhat cool things with audio CDs. Try some the following:

  1. Go into Explorer and click on your CD drive with an audio CD in it. Be careful, you don't want to accidentally invoke the autoplay feature.
  2. In the right panel you will see Track01.cda through Trackxx.cda.
  3. If you right-click on a track, you can play it automatically by choosing Play from the Quick Menu.
  4. If you double-click on a track, it will play automatically only the track you selected. No other tracks will be played after that.
  5. Try dragging a track onto your desktop (you can copy it or create a Shortcut, it doesn't matter). Rename the track's copy/Shortcut to the song's real name. Whenever you have the CD in the drive, you can now double-click on it on the desktop to play it.
  6. You can also drag tracks to your hard drive and put them in your Start Menu, or create a directory with CD tracks in it.
  7. You can also drag the shortcut to your toolbar for easier access
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