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Fiddling With Tracks On Music CDs

If you want to record your voice, your system needs to have a built-in microphone or an audio card with a microphone. However, if you want to record selections from your music CD, you can just use the Windows 95 Sound Recorder to record selections from those CDs, even without a built-in microphone.

In general, to record selections from your music CDs, you launch Microsoft's CD Player (or any other CD-playing software you may have installed) and the Sound Recorder. You cue your music CD to a point just before where you want to start recording, and click the Play button. Then, you click the Sound Recorder's Record button. Click on the Stop button to end recording. You save the file to disk, and you can play it again with Sound Recorder, or you can embed the WAV file in almost any application that supports OLE.

You can fiddle with the Effects menu options but if you want major editing, your best bet is to get a decent sound editor utility. There are dozens of freeware and sharewares around. See which one suites you best. And if ou want to store them for listening, why not try a MP3 decoder to compress them? They are free and can compress up to 12 times smaller.

And another reminder - most CD tracks are copyrighted. You might just want some certain parts where it is real cool. It is not recommended for you to copy out the entire CD track.

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