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By default, Windows is set up to automatically start the CD Player applet and begin playing a music CD as soon as it is inserted into the CD-ROM drive. This is set up in Windows much like a file extension association. To make some alteration, open Explorer, and click on View, Folder Options, File Type. Scroll through the list until you find a listing for Audio CDs. Highlight it, and select the Edit button. You will see a panel showing the option Play. Select that, then click on the Edit button on this panel. You will see the command that is invoked for that option. It is by default set to execute CDPLAYER.EXE with a command parameter of '/play.' If you delete the entire line, then when an audio CD is inserted, nothing will happen. If you delete just the '/play' parameter, then when an audio CD is inserted, the CD Player applet is started, but it does not immediately begin playing the CD, bypassing the autoplay feature.

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