The Active Network


Product: Windows® 2000 Professional Operating System
Company: Microsoft Corporation
List Price: $319.00 
Review By: Julien Jay


Table Of Contents
1: Introduction
2: System Requirements
3: Pricing & Upgrades
4: Setup
5: Graphic User Interface
6: Hardware Features
7: File System
8: Dual Boot
9: Security & RAS
10: Laptop Support
11: Software & Gaming
12: Imaging Devices
13: Applets
14: Accessibility & MMC
15: Printers & Networking
16: Updates & Languages
17: Conclusion
18: Resources

Windows 2000 continuously monitors your activities when you install software. So if your software replaces vital files that shouldn’t be changed you’ll be prompted and the just replaced file will be automatically re-replaced by the original ones. Windows 2000 will copy all of its drivers and files on your hard disk so it’ll prevent file problems and CD switching when you install drivers or software that need Windows 2000 files. By using at the same time NTFS and an encoded EFS technology, Windows 2000 really protects your hard disk stuff confidentiality. You can now securely access to your corporate network due to the VPN, PPTP/L2TP or IPSEC protocols. The Kerberos authenticity protocol enables you to access heterogeneous environments via a single connection.

Remote Access Server

Windows 2000 also included a new RAS module. This new RAS contains new icons in the same old RAS window. The new tray icon displays in a tool tip the speed of the dialup connection. Also a new tray icon is displayed: it’s two big screens that display green square when connection activity is detected. The RAS dialup connection window that automatically opens when launching IE is new & beautiful! It’s in fact the same than the Microsoft Connection manager one! The settings menu of the start menu contains a Remote access line that will show you all the remote connections available on your computer (if you have enabled the expandable feature). Also the icons of the RAS window will display if the connection are active or not.

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