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Product: Illustrator 8.01
Company: Adobe Systems
Estimated Street Price: $379.00 Upgrade: $119.00
Review By: Julien Jay


Table Of Contents
1: Introduction
2: Setup & Installation
3: Features
4: Compatibility
5: Conclusion

The Adobe Illustrator 8 setup is as gloomy as the setup of the other Adobe professional software. But it’s efficient and after 10 minutes (if you install every components) you’re ready to use Adobe Illustrator 8.0. Be sure to update Illustrator to release 8.01 (which is available for free on the Adobe website). This will solve some bugs. Now click the start menu, point to programs/adobe/adobe illustrator and launch Adobe Illustrator 8. 

Getting Started

At the first start, adobe experienced users will see that Adobe Illustrator 8 is perfectly integrated with all the other Adobe great software such as Photoshop, InDesign, PageMaker… and uses the same tools, menus, keyboard shortcuts, palettes… It’s one of the great new features of the latest release 8. It’s a very important and appreciated enhancement since a lot of Adobe software professional users need to have simple tools and reduced training times to concentrate their mind on creativity!  So using Illustrator doesn’t require a long learning period for advanced users. Photoshop users won’t be lost in Illustrator since it uses in common with Photoshop, among other things, the navigation palette and the free transform tool. However I must admit that novice users will be lost when they’ll be in front of a white page with few buttons that are not known. Indeed as Illustrator doesn’t comply at all with the Microsoft GUI recommendations even the line tool is difficult to find for novice users. Finally the fact that there’s no toolbar to open/save/copy/paste object is a little bit bothering since it obliged users to find this often used features in the menus.


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