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Product: Creative Labs SoundBlaster Live! Platinum
Company: Creative Labs
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Review By: Alex Harris

LiveWare 3

Table Of Contents
1: Introduction
2: SoundBlaster Live Drive Bay
3: Installation, Settings and Software
4: LiveWare 3
5: Product Contents
6: Conclusion

The Sound Blaster Live! Platinum ships with Live!Ware 3.0 and is hence packed with features, enhancements and software that allows you to enjoy new experiences in Internet Entertainment.

By reprogramming the EMU10K1 audio processor of Sound Blaster Live!, Creative lets you enjoy new experiences in Internet Entertainment.

Live!Ware 3.0 for the Sound Blaster Live! series will transform your sound card into the most ideal audio solution for Internet Entertainment. The following Internet-related applications will open new experiences and enhanced enjoyment:

  • LAVA! - Music in Motion - Creative's new LAVA! Technology revolutionizes Internet audio by adding interactive real-time visual expression to open a new dimension of audio experience. LAVA! scenes are comprised of "dancing" interactive 3D visuals that express the emotions of the music.
  • Encode MP3 songs with Environmental Audio - The New Creative Digital Audio Center from MusicMatch delivers an enhanced Internet Audio experience. With its capability for unlimited CD-ripping and MP3 conversion, you can customize your own MP3 album collections with ease.
  • Join Creative VoiceChat Community using Voice / Telephony Communications -  Creative MediaRing Talk, the Next Generation Internet Voice Communication Software for the Net Generation, connects you with users worldwide who have similar interests.
  • Live!Task Makes Everything Easy - Live!Task, located on the new Creative Launcher, makes it intuitive for you to perform any task on your system including Internet-related applications. Using its "I want to" selections, all you need to do is to choose the task that you want to perform and your system will be automatically configured for that task.
  • Enhanced Playback of Internet Music and Audio - The New Creative PlayCenter lets you add realistic audio environments, play back MP3 songs, and apply real-time effects such as "male-to-female" and "female-to-male" to change the gender of the voice.



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