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Product: SoundBlaster Live! Platinum
Company: Creative Labs
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Review By: Alex Harris

Installation, Settings & Software

Table Of Contents
1: Introduction
2: SoundBlaster Live Drive Bay
3: Installation, Settings and Software
4: LiveWare 3
5: Product Contents
6: Conclusion

The card itself is quite an easy operation to fit into the computer by just rocking it back and forth gently into the free PCI slot. Once in place I found it is a lot easier to connect the cables up to the drive bay before screwing the drive bay into place, just because once the bay is screwed into place, it can be difficult to get the cable that connects the bay and the card into place, mainly down to the fact that the cables that are inside the PC get in the way. Obviously this is down to the manufacturer on how neatly they are organized. Once all the cables are connected it is just a simple step to put the 4 screws, that are provided in the package, in to secure the drive bay.  Once all the hardware is installed and you start up Windows again it is detected as a PCI Audio Device and is a simple task of having the disk in your DVD/CD Rom drive and selecting the correct drivers for it. The LiveWare 3 disk (driver disc) is suppose to be AutoPlay, but no matter how many times I tried to get the cd to autoplay it wouldn't have it. I am not sure if it was the disc being a pain/faulty or if this feature was sadly left out.

The Software that comes with the package varies where you live. Here is a table to show what software you get in the different areas:

Americas Europe
Music Games Music Games
Sonic Foundry® Sound Forge XP 4.0™ Descent 3 - Interplay Mixman™ Technologies Mixman Studio Aliens versus Predator Full Version
ViaVoice Special Edition Need For Speed 4 - Electronic Arts Creative Keytar™ Rollcage
Cakewalk 8.0 Gold Thief : The Dark Project - Eidos Interactive Creative Rhythmania™
Mixman™ Technologies Mixman Studio Aliens versus Predator Demos CuBasis VST
Creative Keytar™ Wavelab Lite
Creative Rhythmania™ Recycle Lite


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