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Product: SoundBlaster Live! Platinum
Company: Creative Labs
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Review By: Alex Harris

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Table Of Contents
1: Introduction
2: SoundBlaster Live Drive Bay
3: Installation, Settings and Software
4: LiveWare 3
5: Product Contents
6: Conclusion

Sound Blaster Live! Platinum brings you the ultimate audio experience, whether you're downloading Internet audio, playing PC games, creating your own music, or enjoying other kinds of entertainment on your PC. Sound Blaster Live! Platinum provides the combination of digital-quality audio, a full-featured software bundle, and connectivity to external devices from the front of your PC instead of the back! The featured Live! Drive offers front panel connection to home stereo receivers, MIDI instruments, digital devices, headphones, and more.

Creative Labs SoundBlaster Live! Platinum Features:

  • Connect multiple audio sources using Live! Drive's convenient front panel connectors
  • Maximize your listening experience with the most complete software bundle for playing games and creating MP3 music
  • Enjoy accurate surround sound reproduction when digitally connected to FourPointSurround speakers
  • Experience the most powerful integrated digital audio engine for outstanding music and effects
  • Easy Access Front Drive Bay
  • Quality Digital Signal Processing
  • Digital Surround Sound
  • Environmental Audio Sound Effects
  • Internet Entertainment

The SoundBlaster Live Platinum will give you audio signals processed by the full 32-bit, 48 khz, EMU10K1 Digital Audio Processor (DSP). Also using this card the effects can be added in real time during recording and playback. If you are planning on using this card for gaming mainly you will be pleased to know that this card has Hardware Acceleration for Environmental Audio, DirectSound 3D and DirectSound so you can get the best in gaming performance. The Platinum's patented 8 point interpolation infidelity produces precise audio fidelity and can utilize up to 32 3D hardware accelerated channels, 64 accelerated channels or 1024 voices.

The Platinum also offers Digital Surround Sound and will give you clean, crystal-clear, four channel audio when using a digital out connector. Both the digital and analog connections allow you to connect to 2 or 4 speaker configurations so you can maximize the potential of this card.


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