Registry Editing Tips

Restrict Unauthorized Entry

The Windows password is only good for multiple user logins. Much to our disappointment, Windows 98 like Windows 95 still doesn't have the feature to lock up your computer from unauthorized users. For example, you might set up a password protected user from any pesky snoops. They can still go into Windows and do enough harm to your privacy via the Cancel button on the login box.

But we have the answer to this problem. Say, if we disable the Cancel button, surely unauthorized entries will be blocked of right? You bet. It will definitely solve all your problems. Now, run your registry editor and go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Network\Logon. Add a DWORD value named MustBeValidated. Enter 1 as the value. Now login as different user, you will see that the cancel button has been grayed out.

Note: A few users report that this tip might not be able to work. We will not be responsible if this tip doesn't work.

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