Registry Editing Tips

Dangerous Tip: Ditch Numerictail (~)

This is one dangerous tip we don't advice you to use. We listed it here just for your understanding only. Experts report that Windows' Long File Names information could be permanently lost due to enabling this undocumented feature! The use of this tip is to to change short filenames from say C:\docs\docume~1.doc to C:\docs\document.doc. Please try to resist the temptation of doing this if you donít have a problem with reading truncated long file names in an operating system that doesnít support long filenames (Win3.11, DOS)

To get rid of the tildes, some tipsters suggest that you go to the the following Registry binary key: KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\FileSystem with the value of NameNumericTail set to 0

Although this tip may seem useful, it can actually wreck havoc with Plus Pack and other Windows applications!

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