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Macromedia Studio MX Plus for Windows

Product: Macromedia Studio MX
Company: Macromedia
Estimated Street Price: 679 (Full Version)
Review By: Byron Hinson


Table Of Contents
1: Introduction
2: Dreamweaver MX
3: Flash MX
4: Fireworks MX
5: Freehand MX
6: Conclusion

Macromedia Studio MX Plus is a special edition of Macromedia Studio MX which has everything you need to create the entire spectrum of web solutions, from websites to Rich Internet Applications-all in one powerful, approachable, completely integrated solution.

Macromedia Studio MX Plus includes:

  • Dreamweaver MX
  • Macromedia Flash MX
  • Fireworks MX
  • FreeHand MX
  • ColdFusion MX Developer Edition
  • Macromedia Contribute
  • DevNet Resource Kit Special Edition
Dreamweaver MX
Dreamweaver MX
Build websites and web applications.


Flash MX
Macromedia Flash MX
Create interactive content and Rich Internet Applications.


Fireworks MX
Fireworks MX
Create and optimize interactive graphics for the web.


FreeHand MX
FreeHand MX
Design vector graphics once and publish to print, the web, and Macromedia Flash.


ColdFusion MX
ColdFusion MX Developer Edition
Rapidly build data-driven Internet applications.


Macromedia Contribute
Update web content without knowing HTML.


DevNet Resource Kit
DevNet Resource Kit
Special Edition
Reduce development time with an introductory set of extensions and components.


There isn't a much hardware to install that is as easy to setup as a web cam. The first thing you must do is to make sure you read the instructions. All of the hardware's drivers are on the CD's that come in the box, it is a very simple setup that takes little over five minutes to complete. Once the drivers are installed you are then told that you can attach the camera to your USB port...after that everything is just about complete and you are almost ready to use the web cam straight away.



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