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Product: Microsoft Sidewinder Game Pad Pro
Company: Microsoft
Estimated Street Price: $39.95
Review By: Byron Hinson

Game Pad Pro - Game Trials

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I play have been playing Fifa 99 for over a year and played all the Fifa games before them, I like to think I am very good at it too (Ask Alex mahahaaaaaaaaa). I always use a game pad to play it, usually the FreeStyle Pro (Without the sensor). So what better game to test out the SideWinder Game Pad Pro?

Once the game pad is setup (With Fifa 99 it doesn't matter what number the controller is in the Control Panel settings) then the game begins. The first few minutes of playing I really couldn't get to grips with the D-Pad for some reason, but after playing Fifa 99 for 6 minutes a trailing by two goals to nil to Alex of all people and being unable to control my players at all, the second half begun. It was a different story then, I finally learned how to use the new D-Pad design effectively (It is more sensitive it seems) and stopped pressing the wrong buttons on the game pad for certain moves.

The more games I played against Alex the better I got at using the game pad, and it finally became apparent that for playing Fifa 99 the Game Pad Pro will now be my game pad of choice over the FreeStyle Pro. Unfortunately Alex beat me in the final game 7-1, proving that miracles do happen.


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