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Product: Microsoft Sidewinder Game Pad Pro
Company: Microsoft
Estimated Street Price: $39.95
Review By: Byron Hinson

The Game Pad Pro Design

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The SideWinder Game Pad Pro has a new kind of look for Microsoft Hardware (The new MS IntelliMouse Explorer also has the same scheme). The Game Pad now has a cool silver finish, it has a total of nine buttons (Including the shift button, which allows you to program up to two game actions for each of the game pad's buttons and triggers) and a slightly newer look Directional Pad.

In my view the original SideWinder Game Pad & The SideWinder Freestyle pro game pad were excellent in both design and feel, while the design of the Game Pad Pro is just as good and the way your hand can grip onto the Game Pad Pro is just fine, the actual plastic feels weak, as if it could snap at any moment while you hold onto it. It is also the first game pad that I have used that actually manages to get dog and cat hair to stick to it.


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