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Product: Microsoft Sidewinder Dual Strike
Company: Microsoft
Estimated Street Price: $49.95
Review By: Byron Hinson

The Features

Table Of Contents
1: Introduction
2: Installation
3: Dual Strike Design
4: Dual Strike Game Trials
5: Settings
6: Conclusion

Well now, this is a funny looking gamepad isn't it?. The Microsoft Dual Strike game is a new 3-D design that blends together the functions of the gamepad and the mouse. But everyone take note, the Dual Strike controller is USB only.

Sidewinder Dual Strike

Microsoft Sidewinder Dual Strike Features:

  • Perspective Control Dual Strike's innovative moveable Perspective Control greatly improves aiming and movement essential in first person and action/adventure games. This Control incorporates the functionality of the mouse traditionally used in first person and action/adventure games, making it easier and more enjoyable for many gamers.
  • Multiple Customizable Buttons Six action buttons, two triggers, and one shift button allow gamers to customize up to sixteen programmable buttons that deliver the greatest level of control and customization. These buttons incorporate the keyboard element of control traditionally used in first person and action/adventure games.
  • Easier Gameplay SideWinder Dual Strike enables the average gamer to more easily perform complex moves against computer opponents. Many gamers who feel bound by the clumsy keyboard/mouse input device will find new freedom and intuition with Dual Strike. From Quake to Tomb Raider III, gamers will find total immersion one step closer.
  • Extended Gameplay Extreme comfort via dedicated ergonomic design enables gamers to play for hours on end with minimal fatigue.
  • Award-winning SideWinder Game Controller Software SideWinder Game Device Software includes 30 top game profiles and allows gamers to map keystrokes, keystrings and chords to individual gamepad buttons, swap game axes, and adjust sensitivity to amplify movements.
  • Advanced Design and Durability Dual Strike's stunning durability and design is ready for abuse and admiration while allowing comfortable gameplay for hours on end.
  • USB Compatibility Using the Universal Serial Bus takes advantage of the latest operating system functionality for easy installation and set up.


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