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Product: Microsoft Sidewinder Dual Strike
Company: Microsoft
Estimated Street Price: $49.95
Review By: Byron Hinson


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There are a lot of preset schemes you can choose from thanks to the Dual Strike software installing them, and you can also easily edit them or write your own. Most of the information about the Dual Strike is available by double clicking on the Sidewinder Game Controller Software icon, from here you load up SideWinder Central (Below)

Sidewinder Dual Strike: SideWinder Central

From here you can read up on the Dual Strike, check out the compatibility information, which is needed if you have a device such as one that uses the older Gaming Device software. You can also jump to the Control Panel option called Game Controllers.

Control Panel Settings

This is where most of the action is. From this area you can use, create and edit schemes which you then use with the Dual Strike. You can also test out the controller responses (Below) and change the Dual Strike FX and Joystick settings here just to suit you.

  • Schemes View the available schemes for your game pad. Select a scheme to make it active in your game, or to make changes to it. Print a scheme. View driver, firmware version, and controller ID information for your game pad.
  • Test Test the controls on your game pad to see if they're working correctly.
    See how a programmed game action will work in your game.
  • Recorder Program game actions for a scheme, and assign them to game pad buttons. Program Dual Strike FX to game pad buttons. Make changes to recorded game actions.
  • Settings Change how the perspective control works in a scheme. Adjust spin zone and aiming zone settings for a scheme.

Sidewinder Dual Strike: Test Center

Main Settings

The main settings area is where you change the Dual Strike FX and Joystick settings, from here you can change the speed of which the perspective controller spins both horizontally and vertically, you can also set the spin zone up (Mentioned earlier) how you like here too.

Sidewinder Dual Strike: Settings


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