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  Sendo Z100 Smartphone Developer Kit Released
Time: 03:11 EST/08:11 GMT | News Source: E-Mail | Posted By: Alex Harris

Just received an email that the Sendo Z100 Smartphone Developer program is now open. Developers can now purchase a Z100 phone and developer software for $750. Also as part of the Developers Program, Sendo is working on a Developers Kit. Sendo's Developers Kit is a one-stop-shop to start development on the Sendo Z100 Multimedia SmartPhone. It includes a Sendo Z100 handset and all the necessary cables, accessories and software to allow developers to start working. It also comes with 3 free e-mail support cases (estimate at US$ 450) and a special Sendo Enhancements CD-ROM. The kit is expected to become available in Mid July at circa US$ 900.

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#1 By 2459 ( at 6/1/2002 8:09:04 AM
Who's gonna start porting Quake? :-)

Seriously, multiplayer would be killer!!

In the meantime, there's Solitare via Terminal Services !!!

(I know, Solitare is already included)

More shots for size comparison:

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#2 By 1913 ( at 6/1/2002 1:03:52 PM
No 4 I think Cingular will carry the SmartPhone, and from what I've heard it be available mid-summer or fall.

At the moment, The Thera (Pocket PC Phone Edition)is now available at Verizon. Sprint PCS will carry the Thera which will be available in a couple of months, and Voicesteam will carry the XO2 model in September.

No. 3 "A phone based on MS technology, that needs a Java to show the 3D view of the phone"
Microsoft does not control that website, and if you check any 3D views out there in the web, most of them comes in Java. By the way ...that is only a plugin. Another low life Microsoft basher. Geesh.

Anyway ....time to go and watch"The Sum of All Fears" ...has any body seen it?

#3 By 1913 ( at 6/1/2002 6:19:27 PM
#6, Check out Voicestream.

The XO2 is exactly the iPaq. Compaq doesn't manufacture their own Pocket PC device. It is a company in Taiwan that builts the XO2 and iPAQ - can remember the name of the company at the moment.

Oh not only that ...Verizon's rate is horrible.

I'll either go with Voicestream or stick with Sprint PCS (which is currently ugrading to G3)

This post was edited by rommels on Saturday, June 01, 2002 at 19:28.

#4 By 1913 ( at 6/1/2002 7:25:45 PM
Trade Wind ...if you've read the book, you will still enjoy this movie. Considering the book came out in January '91 will see changes was made. One of them was they're using a Casio Casioppeia Industrial Pocket PC with wireless capbility to send email. We all know that Pocket PCs was not around 1991. ;)

The Exec Producer is Tom Clancy, so I guess he updated the story or approved the changes in the movie.

I do hope that Sprint do a better job with the CDMA 2000 1xRTT. Yes you are right, competition is good since Verizon has the Thera for $799. I'm sure when Sprint PCS comes out with the Thera, the price on the device will go down.

Hey what a coincidence "The Sum of All Fears" featured a wireless Pocket PC device i'm still within the news article. LOL

This post was edited by rommels on Saturday, June 01, 2002 at 19:27.

#5 By 2459 ( at 6/1/2002 10:18:36 PM
I'll be on the lookout, TradeWind. I figured it was a given that some of the id games would get ported like they did for the PocketPC.

Who wants to bet that someone will try gutting this phone and getting it to run Linux (What commandline variable answers the phone? :-p )?

#6 By 2459 ( at 6/2/2002 11:25:00 AM
That's basically correct. The major differences in the OSes are in their usability requirements. PocketPC 2002 was designed for PDAs. It's interface is based around the way people use PDAs (using a stylus for navigation, etc.). Smartphone 2002 was designed to be an advanced cell phone OS. Its interface is conducive to the way that people use phones (direct keypad or voice navigation, one hand usability, etc.).

The PocketPC 2002 will probably win when it comes to non-phone functionality simply because it is a more general purpose device and will probably have greater application support (though that's debatable since both platforms have SDKs freely available and there shouldn't be much difficulty porting code between the two platforms). The PocketPC does have a larger screen size, however, and it has greater default input flexibility than the Smartphone 2002 (though add-on keyboards, etc., will be available). Smartphone 2002 devices have support for Multimedia Card & Secure Digital card support (hot swappable), IrDA, USB and RS-232 connectivity like the PocketPCs. It probably comes down to what is required for the individual application.

Here is an article on the Smartphone (pretty old, but still relevant):

This is more recent:
Get Started Developing With Smartphone 2002 SDK

"If you come from Pocket PC development, you will feel comfortable with the development environment and the Windows CE API. Most of your knowledge and even your existing code will come very handy. The adjustments you need to do when porting existing Pocket PC applications, are related to the user interface. Things like application navigation, some new controls, and a somewhat smaller screen will need consideration. And as there is no touch screen, navigation is quite different that what youd be used to on the Pocket PC. Where you have stylus taps on a Pocket PC, you will now have hardware button clicks instead."

#7 By 2459 ( at 6/2/2002 11:35:07 AM
Also of interest:
Microsoft's Marcus Perryman on the PPC 2002 and Smartphone 2002 (then called "Stinger")

The PocketPC Phone Edition equips PDAs for phone functionality, while the Stinger is a smart phone platform that enables PDA functions. The Stinger, already used in mobile phones from Sendo and others, is based on a customized PocketPC 2002 core, said Perryman.

The key difference between the two resides in the user interface, Perryman said. The PocketPC Phone Edition lets users navigate through a bigger screen with touch functions and handwriting recognition. The Stinger allows operation via soft keys on a mobile phone.

The PocketPC 2002 Phone Edition has the "pedigree of a PC," with specialized Win32 API support, while providing rich PDA applications closely linked to phones, Perryman said. To build phone enhancements into the operating system and improve key Win32 APIs to support digital cellular, Microsoft added a separate "cell core" composed of software blocks supporting Short Message Service, Subscriber Identity Module and Wireless Application Protocol functionality, together with the telephony API (TAPI) and extended TAPI.

#8 By 2459 ( at 6/4/2002 2:27:13 AM
Probably to limit input error. Since the phone would be on almost all the time, people would probably produce a lot of accidental inputs simply through normal handling of the phone.

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