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  The Vista wow becomes a whisper
Time: 10:19 EST/15:19 GMT | News Source: ZDNet | Posted By: Robert Stein

The new site lists 100 reasons users should take a closer look at Windows Vista. No. 1 is “It makes using your PC a breeze.” No. 100 is “Because your network is the backbone of your business (Network Diagnostics and Troubleshooting).”

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#1 By 7754 ( at 10/22/2007 11:58:28 AM
“100 Reasons Why Everyone’s So Speechless”

Oh please... fire these marketing folks already, or at least send them back to the drawing board. Vista may have one of the worst marketing campaigns I've ever seen.

#2 By 8556 ( at 10/22/2007 7:47:34 PM
bluvg: We could shout it into Gate's and Ballmer's ears and they wouldn't hear it. Their Vista marketing to the public continues to set a new standard for uselessness and "Huh?" instead of "Wow".

#3 By 3653 ( at 10/22/2007 9:52:14 PM
perhaps it would be better if gates and ballmer put on black turtlenecks, kept a 3-day shadow, acted smug, and stole via stock options.

works for some people.

#4 By 7754 ( at 10/23/2007 2:44:37 AM
mooresa56, you really think this is the best they can do?

#5 By 37047 ( at 10/23/2007 7:39:56 AM
If you want to see proof that Microsoft cares little about you and I, and more about Fortune 1000 companies, then take a close look at who they market to, and where. On television, for example, I see far more Apple ads than Microsoft ads. In fact, I can't recall the last time I saw a Vista ad or any other Microsoft ad. I have seen several Apple related ads, including the new iMac, in the last week. Conversely, I see lots of Microsoft ads in business oriented magazines. Thus, Microsoft is actually doing very good advertising, as the print ads are quite good, but they are just not aimed at the lowly consumer.

#6 By 28801 ( at 10/23/2007 8:59:38 AM
Isn't there a Venus or Serena Williams add for Microsoft? I'm not sure because it really is a bad ad.

They should look what they did for Windows 95 - now that was an ad campaign!

#7 By 13030 ( at 10/23/2007 9:35:34 AM
bluvg, A true zealot never finds fault in their icons.

Apple is riding a surge of popularity and it's going to take a lot more than "Wow" and "Top 100 Reasons" marketing to turn heads.

I will say that my last real experience (meaning: using to get work done) with Apple products was back in the mid to late 80s on Macs. They were quality machines and I was impressed. The Apple II I had in high school was also a very good machine--Applesoft BASIC anyone?

I may have to relent and finally get an iPod Touch to replace my iPaq HX2495...

#8 By 15406 ( at 10/23/2007 3:28:44 PM
#7: That takes me back. I wrote my own terminal software on the Apple ][ (not even a ][+). I also wrote my own serial driver in 6502 so that I could do things like buffer text while in the menu without missing characters, and do audio (beep!) and visual highlighting of keywords. This was back in the 300 baud days when you could read the text in real-time. I still have a yellowed printout of the BASIC code, including a zillion peeks and pokes for the assembler (all written using LISA 2.5).

#9 By 3653 ( at 10/23/2007 5:32:20 PM
Where did I ever say it couldnt be marketed better? But you could say the same about every windows release (or any product for that matter). My point is... since when do we (as people who care about technology)... give a rat's arse about marketing. Has the war of words really gotten so far from the things that really matter?

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