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  Google caught using third-party software, apologizes
Time: 15:25 EST/20:25 GMT | News Source: Ars Technica | Posted By: Jonathan Tigner

Google has attempted to quell a dust-up over its new Pinyin Input Method Editor (IME), a tool that automatically converts Pinyin Roman entries to their Chinese character equivalents, by admitting that it used a database created by another company., which offers a similar application, accused Google of lifting the database from its Sogou search engine after users discovered and began talking about the similarities.

In a post on the Google China blog, Google apologized for misappropriating the database. "We are willing to face up to our mistake, and offered an apology to users and to," said Google. According to the search giant, the database has since been replaced with a version culled from its own Chinese-language search engine.

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#1 By 32132 ( at 4/9/2007 4:43:59 PM
The EU anti-competition commision immediately issued a press release praising Google for helping to prevent from monopolizing search in China.

#2 By 37047 ( at 4/10/2007 7:59:03 AM
Google issues and apology and stops using the infringing database. Parkkker and Microsoft likely would have sued for infringing on their IP, claiming that they thought of putting that info in a database first.

#3 By 32132 ( at 4/10/2007 9:02:18 AM
Microsoft is usually the victim of haters ... Microsoft rarely sues anyone.

You would know that if you weren't such a bi*ot.

#4 By 15406 ( at 4/10/2007 10:29:45 AM
#3: Yeah, criminals are always being bothered by haters except we call the haters 'the police'.

#5 By 37047 ( at 4/10/2007 11:28:22 AM
#4: Remember, according to Parkkker, if you are not ass kissing Microsoft lover, you are an anti-American bigot. Any company that competes against Microsoft is anti-American and anti-capitalism. In other words, Parkkker is just being Parkkker. And I guess the United States Department of Justice is also anti-American, because they declared that Microsoft violated Anti-Trust laws and acted in an anti-competitive manner. So they must be EU loving commies too, Parkkker? Your ignorance is overwhelming.

#6 By 15406 ( at 4/10/2007 11:57:28 AM
#5: The DoJ action was because of those commie Democrats in the White House, and Democrats are about one step away from Pinko Russki Communism. I know this because Parkkker told me so.

#7 By 32132 ( at 4/10/2007 12:43:03 PM
Wow. The haters are out in force today kissing the *ss of Google for stealing.

Do I have to remind you again that the court case against Microsoft was overturned on appeal because the judge was an anti-Microsoft hater like you two?

I can see whay MysticSentinel is p*ssed. He didn't think anyone knew about the shameful past and present of Canada (corruption and bigotry).

#8 By 37047 ( at 4/10/2007 12:54:09 PM
#7: I am not pissed at or about you. Your opinion would have to be worth something in order for it to bother me. As a Microsoft apologist a$$ ki$$er, your opinions mean nothing to me. I just like to egg you on because it is occasionally entertaining to rile you up on a slow news day.

#9 By 37047 ( at 4/10/2007 12:57:38 PM
So I guess now that Google has bought a stake in Maxthon, and is working on some sort of strategic deal with them, you'll be switching to a new browser? Or have you already abandoned Maxthon in favour of plain IE7?

#10 By 15406 ( at 4/10/2007 1:27:43 PM
In other news, MS sold one trillion Vista licenses to itself and then proclaimed Vista the best-selling product in the history of mankind.

Parkkker, you're a hoot. You remind me of my 5-yr-old. He also says all kinds of wacky stuff that makes me laugh.

As for Google, whatever. Let Sohu sue them. Is MS still paying people to use their search engine?

#11 By 13030 ( at 4/10/2007 2:02:14 PM
#7: He didn't think anyone knew about the shameful past and present of Canada (corruption and bigotry).

Eh! At least one good thing came out of Canada: Rush.

#12 By 15406 ( at 4/10/2007 2:31:03 PM
This list is admittedly old (2005), but it was very enlightening. Parkkker is right for once in his life. MS rarely does sue anyone, at least compared to the number of times MS gets sued. It makes perfect sense as MS regularly steals from others, but not usually the other way around. Check out this list of MS legal payouts:

Too bad I can't find an updated list.

#13 By 37047 ( at 4/10/2007 3:11:09 PM
#11: Be careful, or Parkkker will label you an anti-American bigot too. :-)

#14 By 15406 ( at 4/10/2007 3:29:31 PM
#13: Oh noes! Maybe I should issue him a challenge like ch did so that I'll never hear from him again.

#15 By 32132 ( at 4/10/2007 4:10:18 PM
#9 I'm assuming that Google will modify Maxthon to only use Google as its search, and to inflate Maxthon's presence in weblogs by integrating pre-fetch the same way they bought off Firefox and inflated its presence with pre-fetch.

"TechCrunch is expecting any Maxthon-Google deal to include a provision for Maxthon to replace its default search option from Baidu and/or Yahoo with Google. "

I haven't used Maxthon since IE7 went gold.

Mary Jo of course is wrong about Maxthon "introducing" tabs to IE: "Maxthon — the Chinese browser vendor that introduced tabbed browsing to Internet Explorer before Microsoft itself did."

There were numerous tabbed browsing addons for IE long before Firefox and Maxthon.

I used Broadpage around 2000/2001.

#12 "Parkkker is right for once in his life."

I'm always right. You just hate to admit it.

#16 By 13030 ( at 4/10/2007 4:56:40 PM
#13: Nah. Perhaps, a "Firefox Bigot" or something like that and that would be fine by me. At least, my savvy in choosing the best product rather than blindly going with the MS offering would be exemplified.

#14: lol... NotParker was so ashamed from slinking away from that challenge that he now employs the ostrich defense whenever it is mentioned.

#17 By 32132 ( at 4/10/2007 10:39:49 PM
#16 No matter what you claim to own or not own, I don't plan on giving you any contact info.

#18 By 8273 ( at 4/11/2007 1:39:35 AM
#4, Latch: Careful, Microsoft nor its employees are "criminals", anti-trust is not a ciminal offense. A few years back, when Linux users were threatening Microsoft employees when they attended a Linux conference, that is a ciminal offense.

#19 By 15406 ( at 4/11/2007 9:03:54 AM
#18: It was an analogy. And antitrust should have direct repercussions for senior management. Make antitrust criminal with jail time and watch Microsoft turn ito a good citizen almost overnight.

#20 By 13030 ( at 4/11/2007 10:03:56 AM
#17: You know the challenge terms and they haven't changed, so stop playing dumb (at least make an effort to stop). I'm more than willing to have a third party escrow handle the verification. In fact, the third party can handle the payment as well. If you're so certain that you're correct, you should jump on this easy, no strings attached, money. That is, of course, unless you're all talk and a pauper to boot.

You may now return to ostrich mode.

#21 By 32132 ( at 4/11/2007 12:02:29 PM
#20 I still don't plan to give out contact info over some issue you seem obsessed with.

#22 By 15406 ( at 4/11/2007 12:35:44 PM
#21: Keep dancing if you insist, Parkkker, but your credibility has long since left the building.

#23 By 13030 ( at 4/11/2007 1:04:37 PM
#21: Actually, your obsession with MSFT is what brought this about. You found it impossible for someone to own MSFT stock and then dare to question anything MSFT. I said that I have owned MSFT shares for years and you found that impossible to believe. I said I'd prove it with a small wager (probably a big wager for you) and even offered to have a third party (perhaps an administrator here since they already know more about each of us) verify my ownership. The subject comes up every once in a while and you either use the ostrich defense or you try to say that you're afraid of revealing yourself to "big bad Firefox zealot me" (tm) even though I've offered identity protection for you.

My advice for you is to not call people liars unless you have the cojones to back it up--it would have kept this whole thing from regularly haunting you.

#24 By 37047 ( at 4/11/2007 3:25:32 PM
Parkkker: FYI

'Late last year, a team of coders found a way to strip the WM DRM system from media files, allowing playback of said media on any device, with a tool called FairUse4WM. Claiming the creator of the tool had infringed on copyright laws, Microsoft launched a formal lawsuit on "Viodentia," the creator of FairUse4WM after a fix was released but was quickly cracked again. Microsoft failed to find “Viodentia” after several months of searching and has submitted a Notice of Dismissal, removing all claims against "Viodentia”. According to the dimissal, Microsoft said: "Please take notice that plaintiff Microsoft Corporation (Microsoft) respectfully dismisses all of its claims, without prejudice, against John Does 1-10 a/k/a "viodentia." Microsoft was unable to locate these defendants through discovery and therefore could not serve them with process."'

So, as you can see, Microsoft does indeed sue people and companies. The only reason this one is being dropped is because they can't find the people who wrote the software to serve them with the notice.

#25 By 32132 ( at 4/11/2007 6:23:07 PM
#23 "You found it impossible for someone to own MSFT stock and then dare to question anything MSFT."

No. I found it strange that someone claiming to own MSFT stock spends so much time unfairly disparaging them.

But hey ... you play your games. I don't have to play them.

Today it seems like the haters have decided to go after me personally (you count as one) but we've been here before. I won't go away and make this place safer for haters.

#24 I'll quote myself "Microsoft rarely sues anyone."

Wow. You found one.

Rarely is not never ... or is the Canadian dictionary that different?

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