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  Clouds over Redmond
Time: 08:08 EST/13:08 GMT | News Source: CNET | Posted By: John Quigley

The latest delay for Windows Vista highlights a mounting challenge for Microsoft--finding a way to update its most important product on any kind of reasonable schedule. With all the setbacks, it will be more than five years between Windows XP and Windows Vista. And for even that delivery schedule, Microsoft had to scale back many of the major advances that were planned for the new operating system.

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#1 By 32132 ( at 3/23/2006 9:11:35 AM
On the other hand, MCE 2005 is a new version of the OS. And people and OEM's have noticed since MCE 2005 is outselling XP at retail.

#2 By 1474 ( at 3/23/2006 11:17:18 AM
Microsoft doesn't make the PC, they make the PC work, which in turns, people work that makes the PC work, which in turns, business works where people makes the PC work, which in turns pay taxes and the government that makes a nation. Where would this great nation be without the great companies that call the USA home for their company headquarters even if they are from another nation, they all coming to America.

Microsoft is doing the right thing at the right time, whom is to say it took too long to get it right, you must own a Apple, new OS, must buy another over price PC, and linux is used more then you think, from DVD players to wash machines, MARS to the outer reaches of the universe.

Take your time Bill, Winter 2007 cold outside - nice time to spend with a new computer inside.

#3 By 23275 ( at 3/24/2006 2:32:33 AM
#1, Same is true of tablet PC, and if you look at the plumbing [heck forget all that, just look at
the changes opposite COM] so is XP SP2, and R2 sever side and any one out there worked in SQL 2005 - my Gosh, that is a masterpiece. back to tablet PC...amazing - stunning - and very new OS. It was updated about the same time as MCE, which we also build - nothing short of an incredible leap forward and yes, bery much a new OS.

Inside, and yes, I still truly hate the goo on top of Vista - it's beyond my ability to describe - trying... it's more than revolutionary... more of a leap than can be imagined - see, it is not at all subtle - Vista is so revolutionary, that it would have been 5 years ahead of anything server side that could really let it show what it can do. So.... R2, SQL 2005, etc... all of that had to catch up. All the press - "Ass-Hats" they missed that - all of it.

All recent delays aside...Vista had to have servers and those serves needed dev tools and management tools as well. Vista had to have an "environment" too - complete and "Real" virtualization of the named space and "Real" DFS. EXCH SP2 - yup... had to have that, too...
otherwise it made no sense.

So with all that in place [enough of it in any case], Vista can move ahead. Vista, as part of that "environment" has more relevance than any of us can imagine and late or not, Microsoft
will not only totally dominate that new environment, it will for many decades. I said it a year ago....until competitors band together and build a "Platform" [really a distributed environment], and stop focusing on Microsoft, then there will be no competition. I said as well, we had better be glad that Microsoft is populated with leaders and people that "aspire" to be more and better than they are....else nothing new would be built at all.

BTW, that is why Vista is named as it is - looking out over a vast view of the world - with that gorgeous environment all around.... less the cotton candy [we need an easy button to tune that into something "elegant"].

Late???? Nope. Worth waiting for is more accurate. Late???? had to say, I mean, was finding fire late? Antibiotics? It really is the same scale - the coming "environment" will change the world in ways people cannot even imagine and Vista needed enough of that ahead of Blackcombe in order to share even 1% of its potential. True, too....the biggest partners just caught on to that and finally realized what was about to happen. When known to them, they asked for some more time to modify "their" tools. The CTP's - about 30% of what will be there
under the new server.

#2, I just hired a guy much like you seem to be - he's smart as they come and a ton of fun to work with - I liked the post! Thanks.

#4 By 931 ( at 3/24/2006 11:34:43 AM
wow a whole 2 month delay for the retail outlets... who gives a crap.

Also your right sql2005 is a masterpiece. I'd would of hated for them to cut short the last 2 months of development on that product... though it was pretty darm rock solid at that point anyway, but still. Honestly in the corporate arena, and I think also in the wide scale consumer market (beyond the types that read this website) there is no huge demand for Vista, so what's another couple months to do it right?

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