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  EXCLUSIVE! - Internet Explorer 7 Screenshots!
Time: 10:38 EST/15:38 GMT | News Source: | Posted By: Chris Hedlund

ActiveWin has obtained exclusive screenshots of the upcoming release of Internet Explorer 7!!! You saw it here first!

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#1 By 15406 ( at 4/1/2005 10:49:33 AM
Looks like a great browser to me.

#2 By 2201 ( at 4/1/2005 10:51:40 AM
Oh dear! A bad attempt at an April fool!

#3 By 7797 ( at 4/1/2005 10:59:48 AM
You can download Internet Explorer 7 here:

#4 By 28388 ( at 4/1/2005 11:41:16 AM
EXCLUSIVE! People Still Read ActivWin!

In a late breaking story, it emerged that there were still people reading Windows news site ActivWin. Despite speculation otherwise, ActivWin wrtier Chris Hedlund suggested that the problems laid not just with their poor supply of content, but the sites layout. "We need to move into the 21st Century in a bad way", he said, adding that "the competition beats us hands down on just about everything these days".

April Fo.... oh wait.

#5 By 23603 ( at 4/1/2005 12:05:22 PM
I am no graphic expert, but those pictures look real

#6 By 1401 ( at 4/1/2005 12:08:08 PM
Microsoft Paint baby!!!

lol - thanks Junkhead!

This post was edited by chrishedlund on Friday, April 01, 2005 at 12:11.

#7 By 8556 ( at 4/1/2005 12:56:07 PM
Nice cut and paste of Mozilla on IE6.

#8 By 1401 ( at 4/1/2005 3:08:33 PM
err? "Windows XP cum Mac OS X windows?" Not sure what you mean exactly...

#9 By 7754 ( at 4/1/2005 3:18:51 PM
#8... Microsoft Paint is the best image manipulation software available. About 100% of all Windows users have it, according to the latest Zeitgeist. Compare that to PhotoShop... steady at 1%. PhotoShop will never replace Paint.

Oops, sorry... I forgot I wasn't using my Parkker login!

#10 By 7754 ( at 4/1/2005 3:20:03 PM
#11, it's the Windows XP Media Center Edition theme/skin.

#11 By 3339 ( at 4/1/2005 5:41:52 PM
mssucks, Parker is too stupid to realize that we all know that Parker, Parkker, and LinuxIsTheft are the same person so he uses his sundry ids because even he knows that none of us could bear so much stupidity from one person.

#12 By 2 ( at 4/2/2005 5:32:10 PM
Yea, LinuxisTheft and Parkker are the same person. the IPs match.

#13 By 7797 ( at 4/2/2005 5:59:19 PM
"Yea, LinuxisTheft and Parkker are the same person. the IPs match."

He'll deny it anyway.

#14 By 23275 ( at 4/2/2005 9:30:11 PM
Can anyone else tell when msucks is either medicated, not medicated enough, or otherwise affected by some form of chemical substance?

Geeze msucks, go see someone and get some help, or at least sleep further away from the old paint cans in the basement.

"No personal offense intended, msucks, I just wanted to show you how to troll without swearing."

I'd like it if you'd knock off with the bad language - an end to the trolling would be nice, too, but I know better than to expect too much, too fast. I'm sure there are many others who share my request - including the AWIN staff who should have honored their own warnings to you a very long while ago.

#15 By 12071 ( at 4/2/2005 10:44:46 PM
#25 Everyone here (except for lketchum i think from memory - otherwise it was aamendala) knew that they were one and the same person based on the same ignorant style of comments with plenty of name calling but thanks for verifying it. And that's putting aside that both show the same inability to read, comprehend and count!

#27 Since you seem to need some help working out who's who and who really is medicated, try looking no further than your fellow ignorant MS zealot Parkker!

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