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  Microsoft Business Solutions CRM Community Shows Rapid Growth
Time: 13:42 EST/18:42 GMT | News Source: Microsoft Press Release | Posted By: Jonathan Tigner

Microsoft Business Solutions CRM has been recognized in the industry as one of the fastest growing small and midmarket customer relationship management solutions. More than 2,500 organizations have acquired Microsoft® CRM, representing a community of more than 100,000 unique users since the product's launch in January 2003. Microsoft CRM helps both product- and services-based organizations automate their sales, marketing, customer service and reporting strategy and is delivered through a global community of local reselling partners.

In a recent AMR Research Inc. report ("The Customer Management Applications Report, 2003-2008"), AMR analyst Laura Preslan said, "Microsoft CRM saw amazing growth in 2003, topping the charts with a 94 percent growth rate. Customer references cite three top reasons for why they invest in Microsoft CRM: viability, Outlook integration and ease of use."

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#1 By 8556 ( at 7/14/2004 3:08:43 PM
Until Microsoft's CRM is priced as low as ACT! no small business that I deal with wants it. More than likely the enterprise users of MS CRM get a far lower price per seat than the little guy can get. Of course, MS may not be targeting small business with CRM.

#2 By 8556 ( at 7/14/2004 3:11:42 PM
Are the Action Pack users counted among the paying customers? I find the usage numbers, an average of 40 users per company, hard to accept at face value.

#3 By 1401 ( at 7/14/2004 4:07:25 PM
I highly suspect they count the Action Pack subscribers in their numbers. I will be working on our role out of CRM from our Action Pack subscription copy tomorrow. Hope all goes well...

bobsireno - are you currently using CRM?

#4 By 8556 ( at 7/14/2004 4:31:38 PM
chrishedlund: I use ACT! I pulled out the Action Pack CRM disks but decided against installing it as CRM does not import ACT! databases directly. ACT! would have to be converted to a format that CRM can import but with the valuable contact notes lost in translation.

#5 By 3339 ( at 7/14/2004 4:44:11 PM
Acquired 2,500 clients/organizations... of which 2,200 were Navision users.

#6 By 3653 ( at 7/14/2004 7:22:04 PM
bobsireno, sounds like you have a case of vendor lock-in with ACT!

#7 By 1401 ( at 7/14/2004 9:42:03 PM
I have tested ACT! Version 6, and I just can't seem to get the hang of it. Guys in my office swear by it, but I can't figure out how to get it to do what I am accustomed to. Oh well...

#8 By 23275 ( at 7/15/2004 5:57:11 AM
We use CRM 1.2 with SBM and it is a great program and working environment.
When we share how we work <so far> all clients want that, too.

The demand for integrated systems that support effective and easy to use CRM with parallel GL and PL, and HR functions is really strong in the SMB market. People - especially amongst the professions [legal, accounting and business services firms], are desperate for this kind of solution. We get flodded with RFP's for these kinds of solutions each day. Fusing/Integrating online business process applications is a huge market demand that we see each day - people want one palce to go, one integrator that delivers and answers for all needs - or to at least own the requirement and make the integration happen. The economy is becoming so granular opposite the professions and principals in these firms are working opposite many micro-companies. Their ability to do this and service larger companies is now common. Even the really big companies are trying hard to capture some of this agility, and we find ourselves working opposite small teams with budgets and real decision making power as formed within even the largest companies. They like this, because the teams get some much "higher touch" and products like CRM fit so well - even as a part of a larger GL, the base F&A can feed those larger systems and allow even big companies to work as hundreds and thousands of smaller agile companies. Microsoft got this one right and their DSI and IBF initiatives allow small companies like mine to add a lot of value within the system - note also, the huge increase in emphasis, dollars and support to partners in this channel. What is really nice, is that it is still a great deal of fun and becoming so for even large companies who recognize the driving force that SBM's and their principals represent.

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