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Frequently Asked Questions
IE4 ( Internet Explorer 4)

Q: What are the main difference between Internet Explorer 4.0 and the earlier versions of IE?
A: Internet Explorer 4.0 has faster page loads, more dynamic HTML capability and more multimedia accessories such as RealPlayer and Netshow Player. However, the most significant improvement is probably the Active Desktop technology.

Q: What is this Active Desktop technology?
A: The Active Desktop technology is an enhancement that enables you to bring live Internet contents or information to the desktop. You can then configure it to be updated whenever you surf the Internet. The required information will then be downloaded automatically. This means you can get access to the information you want, without going to the website itself. There are also "Active Channels" which you can subscribe to such as, weather forecast, stock exchange or news-ticker. These channels are mostly free or you are required to pay a small fee at the end of the month.

Q: What is Dynamic HTML?
A: Dynamic HTML or DHTML is a push to HTML for better web design and effects such as ActiveX. Internet Explorer 4.0 was designed to be used for DHTML webpages created by FrontPage 98. Sadly, the "push" technology is different between Netscape and Microsoft. So, it looks like there will be a war for the two non-standard DHTML.

Q: Why is it that I have to download an extra 400 KB Setup.exe file to download IE4?
A: This Setup.exe file as an Active Setup, an Active technology demonstration. However, there are more reasons for it other than just a show-off. You can first select the option you want, decide whether you want the Active Desktop, locate the download site ( probably the site where you download the Setup.exe file ) then only start the download. A good thing about this is, since the files size are big, there is an Active Recovery option so that you won't have to download the files you already have in case your connection fails while downloading IE4.

Q: I have already used the full option during the IE4 setup. How come there are still some other add-ons that I don't seem to have?
A: Add-ons and updates are developed everyday. One good add-on is the IE4 powertoy. For more information on add-ons, go to Microsoft's Internet Explorer 4.0 Add-on page to see the other updates available.

Q: A lot of people say that the IE4 slows down their system. Is that true?
A: Yes. It is true that IE4 can dramatically decrease the speed of a PC. This is because it consumes a lot of memory. The minimum amount of RAM should be at least 16 RAM. Even a system running at 32 RAM can still experience system crashes. However, if you are using a high-end system, the slow-down won't be significant.

Q: I heard that IE4 changes the interface of Windows 95. What are the main changes?
A: IE4 changes the Windows 95 shell to make a user-friendly interface. The main difference includes:

  • A log-off user and History folder in the start menu.
  • Ability to use an HTML file as wallpaper.
  • Easy-to-use button toolbars to the taskbar.
  • Better looking Windows Explorer.

Q: Microsoft spent lots of money researching and developing Internet Explorer 4. Why is it given away for free?
A: Good question. Microsoft is probably afraid that browsers from rival companies such as Netscape will one-day, make a stand-alone OS out of their browsers, such as Unix. A browser can do more than net surfing. You can open Word document, view channels and more. A web browser will one day becomes an everyday component of an OS just like Internet Explorer 4.0 is to Windows 98.


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