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Links to other Windows 2000 Sites

Here are some useful links to Windows 2000 website to better get you started on your journey to NT. If you have any links you'd like to be added,  please email one of our ActiveWin webmasters and we will add it.

  • - This site has news, experts, videos, discussion, and more. Check it out!

  • Dalantech - This site has all kinds of information on Windows 2000. Check it out!

  • Win2kCentral- This site has valuable information on setup and upgrading, FAQ, networking and support!

  • Win2000 Archives - Windows 2000 Downloads. 

  • BetaOS - This useful site gives you an inside look at Windows 2000 and the rest of the Microsoft OSs.

  • Win2kWorld - This objective Windows 2000 site has news, information on security, case studies, training and much more!

  • Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional Home Page - This is the OFFICIAL Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional site, giving you the official look at Windows 2000. There's no speculation or previews that may be wrong here! Its all official! Updated fairly consistently.

  • Flashed Windows 2000 Site - We were so amazed by this site we put it on our Windows 2000 section front page! This is one of the best flashed sites available on the internet of Windows 2000.

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