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Home : Publisher 2003 : How to Set the Defaults


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Publisher 2003 - Tips Section
How to Set the Defaults
Posted By: Brian Kvalheim
Last Updated: September 9th 2003
Tip Difficulty Level: Novice

Microsoft Office Publisher 2003 allows you to set defaults for all future objects in Shapes and Text Boxes.

How This Tip Works

  1. Open Microsoft Office Publisher 2003 to your new publication
  2. Using the object tool bar on the left of the screen draw your text box or shape.
  3. Right click on your newly created object, and go to Format Object/Text Box.
  4. Set all available formatting under this dialog. All items listed under Colors and Lines, Size, Text Box and Web can be set (not picture) can be set as defaults for future objects in this particular publication.
  5. Once you have set your defaults, go to the Colors and Lines Tab and at the bottom is a check box to set "Default for New Objects". Be sure to check this box and click ok.
  6. All new objects that you draw will now have the formatting you specified in that Format Dialog.


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