Registry Editing Tips

Importance Of Backing Up The Registry

It is very vital to back up your Registry, isn't it? It makes sense since the Registry is such an important thing. Without it, Windows won't load properly. The Registry editor is able to Import and Export the registry for storage and backup. The whole registry will usually take about 800 kb, enough to fit into a diskette.

.REG Files

To make importing and exporting easier, the Registry editor includes an easy way to do it which involves .reg files. These files are known as "Registry Entries" where registry data is stored in it. These files are actually in ASCII format where you can view it with any text-editors. You can double-click the file and all the data in the file will "merge" into the registry - which is why it is dangerous. There is no way to unmerge it when the deed is done. Always be very careful.

Exporting Registry Keys

It is very vital to back up your Registry, isn't it? It makes sense since the Registry is such an important thing. There isn't "Save As" function in the Registry Editor which means you can't just choose to save it as a file. But you can choose to Export your registry to a file. First, click on File, Export Registry File. You can choose whether you to back up the whole Registry (recommended if you haven't backed up the Registry) with the All option or Selected branch for only the highlighted branch.

Note that there is no way to export a selected Value. The least you can do is backup the entire branch (key). That means the other values will also be backed up. If you want to export only a few keys, export it to a .reg file first than edit with your text-editor to delete unnecessary keys.

Importing Registry Keys

This is similar to the "Load" command in a different twist. The Import Registry File will take the selected file, read it and place all the data in the file and merge it into the Registry. The Registry editor will replace existing keys in the Registry and create non-existing keys with the ones in the file. Always make sure you have the right file before you begin

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