Registry Editing Tips

What Is The Registry

The Registry is a hierarchical database within later versions of Windows (95/98/NT4/NT5) where all the system settings are stored. It has replaced all of the .ini files that were present in Windows 3.x. The data from system.ini, win.ini, control.ini, are all contained within it now, along with hundreds of other system settings. Additionally, all Windows specific programs are now to store their initialization data within the Registry instead of in .ini files in your Windows folder.

About The Registry Editor

The Registry cannot be viewed or edited with a normal editor - you must use a program included with Windows called RegEdit (Registry editor) for Windows 95 & 98 or RegEdit32 for Windows NT 4 & 5. This program isn't listed on your Start Menu and it is well hidden in your Windows directory. To run this program, just click on Start, Run, and type regedit (for Win 9x) or regedit32 (for Win NT) in the input field. This will start the Registry Editor. Now add this to the Start Menu or to the desktop for easier editing.

Registry Subtree


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