Quicken Tips

Don't Forget The Debit Card

Modern technology has made it easier than ever to overdraw your checking account. We're referring to the debit card. This little monster lets you use your checking account to pay for items in places that would never take a check. The thing is, we often have trouble keeping track of the amounts we withdraw using the card. We suggest this: Always take care of the withdrawals as soon as you get home. Keep the receipts and consider them entries in a checkbook. If you're on vacation, try putting all your debit card receipts in an envelope, so when you get home you can enter them into Quicken. When you enter the amount withdrawn by a debit card, Quicken suggests that you select EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) in the Num Field's drop-down list to help you keep track of how the money was withdrawn.

Another tip: Most ATM windows cast a nice reflection, affording a great opportunity to fix your hair or see if you dribbled any lunch on yourself. Try to ignore the little camera.

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