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Since much of the world expresses its temperatures in centigrade (or Celsius) and we in the USA most often use Fahrenheit, having a way to quickly switch between the two can be helpful. Excel 97 comes to the rescue with a command named CONVERT. To see how it works, type 68 into cell A1. Now move to cell A3 and type in =CONVERT(A1, "F", "C") and press Enter. This formula converts Fahrenheit (F) to Centigrade (C) and the result should be 20. If you need to convert from Centigrade to Fahrenheit, type in =CONVERT (A1, "C", "F") and press Enter. If you left 68 in A1, the new result should be 154.4. Note: if the Convert function doesn't work for you, choose Tools|Add-Ins. Make sure the Analysis ToolPak option is turned on and click on OK.


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