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Special WordArt Effect

You know that WordArt allows a large number of special effects. But, along with the special effects that you can see, there are others that aren't quite as obvious. For example, if you change the width of your text's border lines, you can create a whole new effect.

To check this out, insert some WordArt into a Word document by choosing Insert, Picture, WordArt. After you size and place your new WordArt, click on it and then click on the Format WordArt button in the WordArt floating toolbar (it looks like a bucket pouring paint). When the Format WordArt dialog box opens, click on the Colors and Lines tab.

Not all the WordArt selections have lines. If you happened to choose one of these, just click on OK to close the dialog box and go back to the beginning to select a WordArt style that has lines.

When your sample WordArt uses lines, you'll see line color, style, and weight listed. Increase the weight. Try something rather heavy, perhaps 2 or 3 points. Click on OK.

After you see how the new border looks, you might want to try a new line color. Select the WordArt and click on Format WordArt again. This time select a new line color and click on OK.

This is one you can experiment with. Sometimes a combination of color and line widths can produce some very striking effects. Don't hesitate to try some very wide line widths. We've seen some very good effects produced by using as much as 4.0 point lines.


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