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Drop-Down Forms

If you need to generate a form for people to fill in, you might want to consider using drop-down lists. This makes it easy for you to read the results because it forces certain responses of your choosing--eliminating the possibility of answers that have nothing to do with the questions.

As an example, let's consider an age entry. You could ask for age and let people fill in the blank. But if the age group is more important to you than a specific age, you can use a drop-down list.

First, choose View, Toolbars, Forms to place the Forms toolbar in your Word window. Now click where you want the list to appear and then go to the toolbar and click on the Drop-Down Form Field button (the icon resembles a drop-down list).

After you insert the form, click on the Form Field Options button (it's the next button to the right of the Drop-Down Form Field button). When the dialog box opens, enter the first age group and click on Add. Repeat until all the age groups are entered. When you're finished, click on OK.

To get your form to work, click on the Protect Form button (it looks like a padlock). To edit your form, click on the Protect Form button again.


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