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Speeding Up Your Access Files

If you have a large database from which you primarily read data, you may never need to compact it. However, a database that you constantly write data to, and delete data from, will soon become extremely fragmented; and you may begin to notice that it doesn't run as fast as it did in the old days.

What you need to do is compact those fragmented Access database files. Here's how:
Close the database you want to compact. Choose Tools|Database Utilities|Compact Database. When the dialog box opens, select the file you want to compact, and Access will automatically assign a new name to the output file. Click on Compact and then click on Save to save your new compacted file.

If you want to save back to the original file name, you can make the change here (in the Save dialog box). Type in the new (original) name and click on Save. Access will warn you that you're about to overwrite your original file.


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