Office 97 Tips

Special Find And Replace

You know how to use Find and Replace to locate and change words in Microsoft Word. We've even discussed using Find and Replace to replace styles. If you take a close look at the Find and Replace dialog box, you'll see that you can also use it to locate and change other document features.

Let's take a look. Run Word and load a document. Press Ctrl-H to open the Find and Replace dialog box. Now click on the More button to get to the expanded feature list and click on Format. As you can see from the menu, you can find and replace fonts, paragraphs, tabs, languages, frames, styles, and highlights.

This offers some possibilities for those documents under development. For example, you could highlight a sentence or paragraph that isn't thoroughly researched. The highlighting will remind you to do the research; and if you need to make changes later, you can use Find and Replace to locate (and perhaps make changes) to the highlighted text. When finished, all you have to do is remove the highlighting.


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