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How Can I Change Text Hidden In Tags In Multiple Documents At Once?

Find and Replace feature only looks for text that would be displayed in the browser. However, you can create a macro in MS Word that will make the change you want; you can then save the document back as html.
  1. Change all of the extensions to .TXT in the Windows Explorer (not FrontPage's). (This step may not be necessary if you are using Word 8.)
  2. Record the steps needed to make the change you want, then save the file as .TXT.
  3. Save the macro as AUTOOPEN in your normal .dot (Word's base template).
  4. Select all of the files and open them at the same time. (As soon as it opens each of the files, Word executes the macro.)
  5. In the Windows explorer, change all of the extensions back to .HTM.
  6. In the AUTOOPEN macro, delete the text between "Sub MAIN" AND "End Sub". (Use Tools|Macro|Edit). Otherwise, the macro will execute every time you open Word.

From: Patrick Roebuck

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