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Make A Quick Global Change

If you have any kind of common information that you want to display on more than one page on your site, create a variable for it. Variables act as placeholders--when it comes time to change the information, all you need to do is modify the associated variable and FrontPage automatically updates every instance of that variable, saving you the headache of performing the same task over and over again. Suppose you want to include your company's phone number on multiple pages in your site (or even multiple locations on a single page) and make it easy to edit in the future. Simply select Tools/Web Settings in FrontPage Explorer click the Parameters tab, and then the Add button. In the Name field, type Company Phone. In the Value field, enter your phone number. Click OK twice, and your variable is set. Now open the FrontPage Editor by double-clicking the pages in your Web that you want to include your company's phone number. Move the cursor to the location in which you'd like the number to appear, and then select Insert/FrontPage Component. Now choose the Substitution component and click OK. From the drop-down list that appears, select your Company Phone variable and click OK. Your company's phone number will appear on the page and take on any formatting characteristics you have set for that area. Now, if your area code or entire phone number changes, you can simply go back to the Web Settings dialog box and type in a new value for the Company Phone variable. FrontPage automatically updates all occurrences of that variable in your site.


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