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Select the target text you want to make into a bookmark by right-clicking it. Then drag the text to wherever you want the link created. When you release the mouse button, select Link Here from the pop-up menu. FrontPage will automatically turn your target text into a bookmark and create a link to that bookmark at the location you specified. But what about external links? While browsing the Web, you may come across a cool site you'd like to link to using FrontPage. Traditionally, this would mean typing in a text description for the link, selecting that text, using the Insert/Hyperlink menu, and typing in the URL If you're using Internet Explorer, however, it doesn't have to be so time consuming.You can just click the small IE page icon located in the far left of IE's Address Bar and drag it into the FrontPage Editor. FrontPage will then automatically create a link to that page at that cursor location and use the page's title as the name for the link. (You can also use this trick in Netscape Navigator by dragging the link icon that's to the left of the location box from Navigator to FrontPage.) And if Internet Explorer fills your entire screen and is on top of the FrontPage Editor, you can drag the page icon onto the Windows taskbar first and hover over the FrontPage Editor symbol until the program is brought to the front. (Unfortunately, this little trick doesn't work with Netscape Navigator.)


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