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How Can I Control In Which A Document Is Displayed From A Link?

If you are creating a link from a document in one frame and want it to display a document in another frame, specify the Target Frame in the link's Hypertext Properties.

You may want to use "_self" as the default target frame in the link properties if you are jumping from a link that appears in the frame where you want the next document to appear. Certain strings have special meaning when used as targets. These are:

_self: The document will be opened in the same frame you clicked in.

_top: The document will be opened in the full browser window. This makes the display a single pane again.

_blank: The document will be opened in a new window.

_parent: The "Parent" frame set of the current frame will become a single frame where the document will be displayed.

If you are having problems with a link, you may want to check the spelling of the Target Frame and of the Default Frame in the document being displayed and whether the case is correct; for example, "main" instead of "MAIN." You can use Notepad to open the document in which you defined your frameset to check the spelling.

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