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Tip Name: Always Ask Before Opening This Type Of File -  Checker Tip Supplied By: Byron Hinson
If you once un-checked the box that says "Always ask before opening this type of file" but ypu have now wished you hadn't, you can get the confirmation box to start appearing again by following these simple steps. First open any folder and go to the View, Folder Options dialog box and select the File Types tab. Then find the type of file you want to be asked about, select it and press the Edit button. In the botom-right corner of the dialog box that appears you can check the box so that it always asks you.



Tip Name: Internal Error Occured In The Windows Internet Extension Tip Supplied By: Byron Hinson
Some people n Internet Explorer 4/Win 98 have reported the above error - this can sometimes be corrected by removing TCP/IP and then reinstalling it. If you have no luck then - Try reinstalling Dial-Up Networking (DUN) and winsock.

Note: Please use these options only if you are sure of the error you are getting.



Tip Name: Graphic Acceleration Tip Supplied By: Byron Hinson
If your Graphics programs crash since installing IE4 try adjusting the Graphics Acceleration in MyComputer/Properties/Performance/Graphics (button) and put the slider in one of the first two notches. It got Paint Shop Pro and Corel Photo-Paint 7.0+ going again for me. All depends on your Video Board and Processor.

Note: For video problems you should always check to see if an updated driver is available for your video card as well.



Tip Name: ATI Video Tips Tip Supplied By: Byron Hinson
Here's another fix-it tip for the ATI video card with IE4. Instead of reducing the windows acceleration, install DirectX5. It loads a newer driver for the ATI Mach64 card (newer than the one from ATI). It fixed the lock up problem and another problem with desktop wallpaper corruption after installing IE4. Bump that acceleration back up!

Note: The DirectX 5 Drivers reportedly correct problems with several video cards. This may or may not work on your system or with your video card. Other possible solutions include updated video drivers and adjusting the graphics acceleration.



Tip Name: DirectX Tip Supplied By: Byron Hinson
Obvious tip for most people -- keep your DirectX drivers up to date. is the Microsoft website for getting the full versions of DirectX.


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